• Amanda Ashley

A Momentary Love Affair

A momentary love affair in 3 parts...


two fiery particles, collided; to create a spark

the spark ignited a flame of bright light and heat

which illuminated what we did not before see

a hot glowing body of burning chemistry

a complex emotional and physical interaction

it is intangible, unspoken and energetic

my love

sparked in chemistry

my love is a burning passionate bond

a force of nature

my love is an evolving experience

love for you, struck me like lightning; unexpected and irrefutable

independent of my fears and desires,

my love is inherently free and radiates like the sun


can you feel me,

when I'm missing you?

under the ache in my chest, my breath catches

my mind samples memories

coffee, music, laughter

a gentle echo of your voice, 'sweetie'

kneeling, towering, leading me by the hand, eyes closed

torn in time between memory and the present


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