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Life in the Feed

I've worked on this series for quite sometime...one day I hope to compile them all. I take inspiration from the news or how I'm feeling and the words that float by on the social media feed to relate an idea or imagery; a mood commentary. Then I weave the words together in the way that I do.

don’t forget to bring your camera

we’re paying for gas with pennies let me tell ya - there ain't no smoldering selfies here.

turn to someone next to you… oh. yeah… there isn’t anyone…

it’s a steep slippery slope a treasure chest of counting down the days.

a gentle soul, a balanced voice it was perfect, something to watch.

what was i waiting for? a limited time. like hand stirring tabbouleh in a wooden bowl but like not real.

blow it up

we’re weeks, even days away you only live once…

all my best Lies

this one jealous step, changes everything.

if you’re thinking of staying, there’s something you should know:

i’m not something you’d want each night.

now for the bad news.

it won’t be the same tomorrow morning.

now and then, you’ll want to be going or coming. to see. me.

with the ice forming inside your soul.

i’ll still be here...noticing. you. acting like a jackass

with me all feeling like I’m locked in a handicap bathroom.

one foot in, ready to flush and I’ll hear you calling

'what a fuckin day. let’s watch it, together. my lovely.'

'can I give? or will I look back and regret?

i’m thinking, you are hoping for a turn?

maybe you should try a reach around, to get what you want.

soon enough I surrender.

there’s still time.

lying in bed, I haven’t been this sore for a long time.

i’m dreaming as my voice sighs... let me love you there.

down under, with all my best lies.

'like, damn.

that’s a lot of water.'

love, it doesn’t get much better.

on a snowy night, I will miss my home.

in my imaginary life, I am impermanence

but still, you didn’t do it right.



just want you.

in the beginning.


before your accident…

and the harrowing consequences for the birthday wishes.

my friends, I’m still convinced this is my only, ‘at least’ – today.

one year ago, we huddled and smiled.

not gonna lie – so don’t fret, there’s more on the way.

it’s little more than an inconvenience, indeed it’s expected.

disillusioned Americans.

i was wondering if it’s worth it?

can anyone offer other good results?

singing out my window,

you keep on going anyway – and I don’t need to see that.

bye-bye to this mess, hello to my sweetness


for my self preservation,

it’s damn important, for you to be the same.

you just kinda sorta fit

like beautiful music, i can’t wait to dance with.

love me baby, love me baby

when will i be done with this nonsense of love love kiss kiss blah blah?

don’t mind me, i’m just curious.

i make mistakes, to the point i can’t walk

now i’m knocked out on the couch in between the cushions,

like a love sandwich.

i feel like a little bit of home, but i guess you never had that.

if you take all the love in your heart and give it to me

i can sit back and relax.

is it wonderful to be in love, is it the reason?

i want the work of things that don’t come easy

don’t mind me, i forgot i love you,

until we die.

damn it.

simple life

i saw what you wrote. get real, you’re killing me. tell me i’m sweeter than summertime. awww. i’m too fried to dine and rest. check this out, make me glad we did this. miss you, but not really. you’re a case of angry ass would love to see you, but I have a fear of heights. sometimes it’s hard to remember, that I once had parents. cruising, working to enjoy the evening, lazy with rain like i need a little of both. Oooooo, which one is better for later use? it’s getting old staying behind, feels like part of home is leaving. your face a typed smile, should I believe it? i’m trying. this morning I looked out the door. Saw a packed day of work, of lists of things to do. are there any equivalent energies on this earth? are they are going out and about? life; i’m addicted like crazy, yesterday I did all the moves. another day, where is the simple life?

locked and loaded

locked & loaded, what's going on here? welcome to life. you're on edge, you got me jump started. a weekend in the red should've stayed in bed drama queen, everybody's so mean the choices, the voices bustin' my ass in vain to weak to train, i feel no pain you shush your easy excuses hard as consistency, coming from your dirty little mouth i feel something

the truth

it stopped me if i show you, who will you blame? pointing your shame at me. i was leaving tonite but i miss you, didn't stop me though, you're a serious conversation not sure how to begin the last thing i need, can't help but want.

my version of convenient

you got yours and i got mine.

does that mean you stood up for something?

i had a great evening, you were a surprise.

was it significant progress, in the last few weeks.

would i like to thank everyone?

no, i have hate on the brain and only happiness loves company my sweet girl.

very strange to try this when you give your love away.

i’m looking forward to tomorrow with more of my faves,

but still i have a bigger crush, a remnant from yesterday.

sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts, tell my boy I love him so.

come and show some love, i'd give something for a walk on the road of adventure

all i can say is, spank your little butt.

because, celebrate we will for the second time this week.

loving you, but couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

i’m saying that as if you didn’t know.

and my best company floating away back home.

you were my version of convenient, but I lost interest.

too many scenarios to analyze and I want a dream come true.

you cracked your whip and fell short in a sea of reality.

who said three is a crowd?

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