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Utah Adventure Journal Articles

If you live and recreate in Utah, you're probably familiar with the Utah Adventure Journal or the UAJ as I refer to it. I've been writing for the UAJ since, well I'm not exactly sure sometime starting in late 2015 or early 2016. The UAJ covers all kinds of stories: interviews, profiles, gear reviews, beer reviews, history, conservation, land use and policy and stories of adventure. It's a solid publication. When I first read it I likened it to an outdoor New York Times, in fact, I still do. While it has the perfunctory website and social media presence, part of what makes this mag special is it's available in print, in Utah.

I'm fortunate in my work for UAJ to be able to pitch and write pieces I want to work on, but often the best work I get to do for them is assigned. This summer I got to meet and spend time with Sina Solouksaran, a remarkable athlete and human being. You can read his story at the UAJ website.

Thanks for reading.

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