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Writing About What's Around You

This morning on my way to work, waiting at the eternal stoplight on 13th...2 ideas for new stories came to mind. But I had to check myself before making an outline and reaching out to folks for interviews and comments. I have 2 blogs that need revisions, a new blog due the 16th, a feature due the 18th and about 10,000 words of 'content' due as soon as I want to be paid for it, which was yesterday... all of this is to say, that I don't lack ideas about what to write about, I lack the time it takes to write them all.

This year I moved towards writing about people, ideas and events around me that I thought were inspirational or needed someone to tell their story. I did this in part due to my belief and commitment that I want to follow good energy up and to bring more meaning to my work. It also took me out and about in my community, where I got to meet and speak with some very awesome folks. This indulgence into work that is more meaningful and creative , also led to lots of bylines.

In print this year I was featured in the Utah Adventure Journal and so far I have written 5 features and interviews for them, with my 6th piece due the 18th. The first piece I wrote was a round-up of sorts where I asked a random group of climbers the same set of questions about Spring Climbing in Utah, then I snagged an Interview with Alex Puccio, one of the top female climbers on the planet, this was followed by an interview with Mike Bockino, the Director of Route Setting at The Front SLC, then I interview Sasha DiGuilan another top female climber on the planet, and finally took a bite into Utah politics and land use by taking a deeper look at U-Turn Utah, which exposed legislation in Utah that opens up the possibility of taking State ownership of Federal Lands. To date they haven't posted any of my pieces online, so you have to be on the ground in Utah at press time if you want to see this work.

This crazy roundhouse of writing, led to multiple on-line stories. I wrote a piece about Climbing Team Development for Indoor Climbing Gyms Owners for Climbing Business Journal.

I got a hot minute with Nathaniel Coleman a Salt Lake local who took 1st place at USA Climbing Bouldering Nationals in 2016, and will be the defending Champion in 2017 when Bouldering Nationals is held in Salt Lake. I wrote this piece for Utah Outside.

I interviewed Alex Puccio again, after she went to World Cup, got injured, had surgery and went through recovery, that made it to Climbing Magazine as an online story. I've pitched to Climbing multiple times over the years and I was pretty excited that they published my work.

The scope of my work this year has changed and the work I've done has made me want to write more substantial topics and begin to peel back the layers of the stories and people I write about.

As always, thanks for reading.

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