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Elephant Journal is the brainchild of CEO/Errand Boy, Waylon Lewis. EJ is indie media committed to those who live a mindful life and are interested in elevating society. Their readers like articles about recipes, eco-issues, yoga, emotion and life experience.

As independant media, EJ strives to be ad-free and you can subscribe to the Journal for $1 a month, or be confined to reading 3 articles a day. You'll be missing out if you don't subscribe becasue they have some great writers and really relevant articles.

Writing for EJ means that you have to self motivated and willing to submit raw, authentic work. I've written a few of those pieces for EJ but my main focus when I write for them was eco-conscious pieces. As I am passionate about conscious-consumerism, I really appreciated the opportunity to write for this platform. I've been hit or miss submitting articles to them as I still have to be a conscious supporter of my family.

The Eleditors at EJ, really do a fab job of editing articles and sourcing photos for the articles they post. They provide good feedback and invest time in helping writers to develop theur authentic voice.

Check out my EJ articles. Thanks for reading.

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