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Last year I took on an assignment for www.winefrog.com writing wine blogs. Wine Frog is a site that promotes wine knowledge, education and the pleasure and enjoyment of drinkng wine.

Each month I submit my pitches through their CMS, and my Editor approves the pitches she wants and offers suggestions for tone, style and content. I submit my drafts for editing and either the content goes live or the editor asks for revisions. Working with an Editor who has a clear vision of the blogs the site needs makes this job fun and also helps me to improve as a writer. While the majority of the content is meant to be informative, it still has to be as enjoyable to read about wine as wine is to drink. Being able to submit the topics I want to write about, le's me learn more about wine each time I write a blog.

Through writing about wine for Wine Frog, I've been able to continue to study all aspects of wine and wine making, including; viticulture, winemaking, wine styles, wine growing regions, wine stemware, varietals, and deepen my understanding of specific components of flavor and aroma. Sharing the knowledge I already have about wine with other people is very fulfilling as a writer.

Wine Frog, gives me a byline and posts my bio and website, so if people read my work and like it, they can follow my blog, or hire me for their projects. As much as I value the on going work, I value the byline, as it helps to promote my writing and defines my areas of expertise. Besides which I am a byline junkie and the mixed emotions of seeing my name on my work never gets old, especially as the majority of the work I do is ghostwriting content, including tourism pieces and ebooks that I do not get author credit for.

Check out my work on Wine Frog, and thanks for reading. Cheers.

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