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Writing in Cleveland

Writing about what's around me in Cleveland led to learning about this cool business and writing about them for the print and online Cleveland based Pressure Life.

I was really inspired by the mission of the Rust Belt Riders and this is why:

Eco-Urbanites Saving the World

Every now and then I hear of a business that just makes me happy and today that business is Rust Belt Riders, a small co-op that is innovating how we handle municipal waste in Cleveland. Started by a group of friends who liked to garden, they began collecting food waste from their jobs in restaurants to make compost. It didn’t take long before they were riding bikes with compost trailers all over the city picking up food scraps from restaurants, schools, businesses and private homes. Their business model is based on the philosophical and economic principles of David Schweikhart. Rust Belt Riders created a work-owned and managed business that is self-directed and allows individuals to work in a productive environment.

Food waste has become one of the biggest contributors to methane emissions, with over 35 million tons of food rotting away in landfills every year.

Food scraps and leftovers that you toss into the trash, rot and pollute the planet. The obvious solution is to compost your food scraps. Composting can be done in your backyard, but you do need to make a bin, buy a shovel and woodchips. Compost piles need to be turned and have to have enough moisture but not to much. If you can't maintain the proper conditions in your compost pile, it will just rot and stink. Composting isn’t for everyone, maybe you live in an apartment, are worried about attracting rodents or are just plain lazy. It really doesn’t matter what your reasons are, because you can hire eco urbanites to ride a bike over to your house and haul your food scraps to a community garden. Once your scraps are in the community garden they are composted to make nutrient rich soil to grow local food.

If you live in Cleveland and you want to make the world a better place and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t, call up the Rust Belt Riders (440) 781-10544. They’ll get you set-up with a compost bucket and a list of what you can and can’t compost. For $5 per pick-up you get to reduce nasty landfill emissions and tell all your friends how cool you are for helping to save the planet. To read the full story about RBR check it here.

Check out their web page and give them the thumbs up like on Facebook too.



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